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                   Liquid  supply mainline hose 6",8",10" - TPU and rubber - Quality Drag hose - Hard Hose Draglines


                                                         AerWay by Salford Group - Full line Supplier for AerWay

                                                    Row crop modules available - mount behind planter tractor tires

            Full line of Ag, Turf and Orchard units, plus a large selection of parts at reasonable prices, with volume discounts.

                             Sales 937-272-8754 - Parts 937-497-9273

                                                        AERATE / FACTURE YOUR SURFACE COMPACTION LAYER

                                               Keep it simple -Aerate and mix you ground, wil blend in litter or cover crop.

                                                                AerWay Manure applicators - preferred by many applicators

 Tillage /Manure application/ Turf / Orchards/Vineyards

                                                            Large quantity of replacement Tines and Parts in Stock

                                                                          Questions and pricing - Mark 937-272-8754        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3-pt 15'-  6 row,  Row Crop Unit in stock


                                                                        AWMP-063-AG-4  DEMO UNIT

                                                                        PULL TYPE HP NEEDED: 38-63, 40 TINES

                                                                        NEW: $9085.00  ASKING $5300.00 PLUS SHIPPING

                                                                        CALL 937.497.9273             


Aeration of soil benefits root development 




                                                                 30 ft and 50 ft splash applicators available.

            Cadman hard drag hose lasting at least  10x   longer than soft drag, savings of over $1.00 per acre useage

                                                          Cornell Pumps - clearance  price on 4NNTF and 8NNTF


        --------------- NEW HARD HOSE 2800 FT - SPECIALIZED FOR ROW CROP SIDE-DRESSING ------------------------

                                                                                                C M A


                                                               What If you could yeild more corn with manure?

                                                                 Here it is - search youtube/ Cadman Manure  

                                                                 5 years data, yeild plus with side-dressing manure

                                                                 OSU - Manure trials    

                                                                        Continous row crop Manure Application

                                                                                   Concept by Alig brothers


                           *6000 gallons of finish swine manure worth about $ 300.00, enough to grow around 200 bu. corn

                                                             * subject to your own manure test and crop results


                                                                New Front Fold Manure applicators - 30',40',50',60' row crop

     for more info go to


Complete manure equipment drag line systems - Reels, caddies, pumps, supply, mainline, drag hoses

Info call Mark  937-272-8754  

Special prices on manure supply, mainline and drag hoses, *ship direct to you or pick-up at Barnyard Supply

 Fall Special = Save on Hose Caddies - new PTO hose reel

What if you could do an 80 acre set?


Longer 10X life, than soft drag hose- Cadman Hard Hose units 5" x 2000' - 5.1" x 1700' or 5.5" x 1650' 

6" Premium Plus 800 burst psi supply hose 660'

8" TPU hose

no snaking - long life - 81,400 lbs tensile strength

Ask about the Cadman 6010 Hose Caddy

Free wheel, roll-unroll from tractor, unique roll forward option



" New PTO Hose Caddy"

with roll forward option!



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Pond Aeration Windmills  - Garden Supply

DMI Hitches/dual spring action and Bumpers

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9372 Co Rd 25A N, Sidney OH 45365 - I - 75 exit 94 one mile north

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ph: 937.497.9273

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9372 CR 25-A North
Sidney, OH 45365

ph: 937.497.9273